Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Memento(Christopher Nolan,2000)

The opening sequence to Momento starts off with a close up shot of a picture in deep focus which is shaken about every 5 seconds and every time the character shakes the picture it becomes lighter which gives me the audience the idea that it is going backwards because of how the picture was once had red on it and as it is shaken it gets lighter and lighter.After the picture is done being shaken their is a vertical pan shot which slowly reveals the appearance of the character as he puts the now clear picture into his camera and takes of photo, their is then a quick high angle shot of the body on the floor with blood all around it. The background music is playing which has a slow tempo which makes the audience feel anxious. As the opening sequence continues their are is a close up shot of blood moving on the floor which is in deep focus , their is then a cut to the a bullet on the floor and then glasses in the corner then a close up of a dead characters head. Then the character with the camera stands up and his gun flies into his hand and the bullet fragment back in to gun also the dead character on the floors glasses fly back onto his face and all of his blood is gone and the character is alive again.

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