Sunday, 22 April 2012


Identity,2003, Directed by James Mangold.

 The opening sequence of the film begins in a dark room where their is only the use of artificial light which comes from a lamp as the sequence goes their a loads of props which appear to be newspaper cut outs are spread across a table which appear to articles from a newspaper which seem to display an accident which recently happened and this is clear for the audience to see because their are close up shots taken of the newspaper which look brownish which give the audience the idea that the film is set in the olden times. Their are diegetic sounds of thunder in the background add the sense of a thriller to the film or horror because that effect is used to make the audience fill scared which is why it is put horror films because it makes the film more scary or adds anticipation to the film . The non diegetic sound is the sound of music in the background which adds suspense to film with its fast and up beat tempo which puts this film in the genre for suspense thriller also in the opening their is a voice taking about something which sound like a series of events which will be considered as diegetic sound because he can hear himself when he speaks

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