Saturday, 31 December 2011

My analysis of the opening sequence to Barton Fink

Barton Fink directed by Joel Coen 1991

In the opening of Barton Fink the lighting is dark which gives the audience a disadvantage at not being able to se where it is set or where they are until a man is given a direction to pull a certain string for the curtains or some sort of prop for the play. As the camera scrolls along the back of the stage their are loads of diegetic sound of people talking and smoking cigarettes which gives it that setting that working at the back of a stage is not a good job and to support this is when the man pulling the curtain is late for pulling one of the strings because he is smoking nad reading a newspaper which gives the audience the feeling that he doesn't care about his job. As the camera continues to scroll along their is a medium close up the character Barton Fink with glasses on his face and holding the script to the play which lets the audience know that he is the writer also another factor is that he is dressed differently to the other characters, he is dressed smart in a tuxedo which is basically showing that he has a higher rank than the mem working behind him, one last factor which let the audience know that he is writer is when he begins the recite that last few lines to play without looking at the paper in his hand. Another aspect is that when the play finishes he called on to the stage which usually happens to the writers of the play because they came up with the story line and the audience loved it so they demanded his presence and as Barton Fink came on stage and the audience gave him applause. When it cuts to the next part of the opening sequence where their is a point of view shot of the character walking through a restaurant where his is meeting someone who congratulates him on the success of the play and his hard work and introduces him to couple which are posh and the aspects which give it away are the attitudes of the couple and the way they are dressed which is in tuxedos and fancy dressed also how the restaurant is decorated with ice sculptures and expensive cutlery.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My analysis of The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski,directed by Joel Coen,1998

In the opening squence of the Big Lebowski their are multiple shots the were the film setting is and director succesfully lets the audience know were the film is set by doing multiple establsihing shots of the area which is really good.
After the establishing shots are finished it shows a clean 24 hour supermarket which is open late and is deserted until the character the Big Lebowski played by Jeff Bridges walks in the supermarket to the back were the drinks are in a dirty bath robe and sunglasses which makes which gives the audience the feeling that this character is out of place and doesn't belong. After he finds what he is looking for which is a certon of milk he goes to the till to pay for it but instead of paying cash even though the carton of milk is only $0.69 he still pays for it by check which gives the audience the idea that the man has money because he can leave the check with them and it can bounce if their's no money in the account and the supermarket won't be able to do anything about it. In the next part of the opening scene the big Lebowski goes home and the moment he gets through the door their are two big men waiting for him but he doesn't know this so the moment he walks through the door he is pusehd into the bathroom and his head is pushed into the toilet and the big man is constantly yelling at him asking him were is the money he owes to their boss, the big man constantly calls him Lebowski asking where the money is and when they let his head out of the toilet he says no one calls me Lebowski anymore i'm the dude but the two big muscular guys are too stupid to understand wha he said so they leae and the end of the opening opening sequence.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Screen Play

Hit Station Screenplay.docx1

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hit station Shooting Schedule

Hit Station 2

Hit station film pitch


Hit station Moodboard

Moodboard Part 2

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hit station Presentation

As Media Studies

My analysis of the opening sequence of The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector,2003, Directed by Phillip Noyce.

In the opening sequence it shows Denzel Washington's character Lincoln Rhyme walking through an area surrounded by police where the only form of light is artifical e.g. Lights and Torch's so it is dark and set at night. You can tell that Denzel Washington's character is the head of a part of the police department because of his confident approach when he is on his way to where the accident occured another part which shows the that Denzel's character is at a has a lot of authority is that although denzel is carring a bag and wearing what looks like a cleaning uniform yet the man next to him is struggling to get denzel attention athough he is wearing classy suit which shows denzels level of authority. In the next part of the opening sequence it shows Denzel's character laying in a bed like he can't move which makes him look weak and vulnerable which is the opposite of his character at the start.

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Collateral,2004,Directed by Michael Mann

In the opening sequence of Collateral which is 45 seconds long which we see Tom Cruise character Vincent walking through a crowded airport.
We know that Tom Cruise's character vincent is the main character for many reasons firstly, they show Vincent first which instantly makes you think he is important and key to the film .Secondly ,also how he is the only person in the airport walking around wearing sunglass which gives the audience an impression that Vincent is a very mysterious character because he is trying to use the sunglasses to distance himself from everyone else.Thirdly, another reason why Tom Cruise's character would be portrayed as the main character because as he walks through the airport he is the only person that is in deep focus also when they show him he is walking in slow motion so that he can stand out.

Another main character in the Film is Jamie Foxx who's characters name is Max is a cab driver which is revealed to the audience in the next scene directly after Vincents airport scene. In Jamie's scene it shows the cab station were people are making lots of noise and shouting which is the diegetic sound in the opening sequence, but when Max(jamie Foxx) gets into his cab all of the noise stops which shows that Max is an alone character and doesn't really like to get involved with people, also when he gets into his cab he cleans which shows that he likes things his way and doesn't like mess and lastly, he also has a picture of a Island in his cab which he glances at which shows us that he has a goal that he is trying to achive because he doesn't like his job because he doesn't interact with any of his colleagues  which portrays him asa shy shallow person who's working because they desperately want to change their life style.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Production company names e.g. Columbia pictures

Rough draft of production companies.

Films(Night at the museum(2006)

Night at the Museum Poster
Yesterday night at the museum came on channel 4. The film is a comedy starring Ben stiller which is about a man who becomes a night guard at a museum and is completely unaware that all of the artifacts come alive at night, so on his first night of the job he runs into the skeleton of a T-Rex which gives him a bit a scare, overall I enjoyed to film because I like comedies and think fo them as a relaxing film because they are hilarious and have no plot but actually make's you think what is going to happen next, what will Ben Stillers character do. I also thought the film had a of Media studies parts in it about the things that we were learning before for example the Mise-en-scene of the museum and how a long shot is taken of the inside of the museum so that every key thing can fit into the frame especially after the T-Rex comes alive it makes you think what else is going to come alive and as the story goes on you find out that everything actually comes to life even little action figuires about 5 inches tall that start to talk and fight, and then start to insult Ben Stillers character because the see him as an abomination because his actually a normal sized human being but to them he is a giant hence the name they give him "Gigantour".

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Reason for chosen location

Their are many reasons why we have chosen to shoot our opening sequence at wandsworth common. Reasons such as it is a train station so it will be busy and have trains going and coming every five minutes which will be good to add to the film, another reason is that it is a quite area and not very crowded so there won't be any interuptions when filming it will also be free because there aren't gates which require us to tap in using our oyster so therefore we save money lastly, the area itself is ga good place to shoot because we can easily film a train going by which will be good to have in movie because it will make it look realistic.

More film ideas

Today my and my group came up with character names and titles for our opening sequence. Also we used the pictures that I took from ny location scouting and decided where some of parts of the opening sequence are going to be based at our location. Also we finally decided what film genre we we are doing which is a suspense thriller so we had to figure out how the opening sequence was going to suspense and one thing we did to do that was add a vague title which explains the opening sequence in full but no one will be able know that until they've seen the entire sequence from begining to end and pay close attention because every part is key , the name of the opening sequence will either be hit station or stationed hit.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Bourne Ultimatum Media Studies Frames">

Film Questionaire

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

My short film

Strange expression on guys face on train and informative day out

On the train yesterday some guy had a strange expression on his face which made him look like an angry person or maybe extremely constipated which gave me an idea of what expression should be on the characters of my opening sequence's face. Today I went to the southfileds learning centre in wandsworth were a instructor or teacher gave us an introduction on how to use a program called imovie which is only on the apple mac computers which is a program which allows you to edit and create movie's. latero on today I will post my mini movie on my blog and youtube so stay tuned .

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ideas for film media studies

So far me and my group have come up with some ideas about what type of characters will be in our sequence and how they will contribute to the scene. We (I) have thought of some film titles such as the watcher, the common cold and the silent guy. These film titles alone will describe what the film may be about but can also add the feeling of curiosity the coughing man character would be good because he would look like a character the doesn't fit in in the short film sequence.