Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My analysis of The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski,directed by Joel Coen,1998

In the opening squence of the Big Lebowski their are multiple shots the were the film setting is and director succesfully lets the audience know were the film is set by doing multiple establsihing shots of the area which is really good.
After the establishing shots are finished it shows a clean 24 hour supermarket which is open late and is deserted until the character the Big Lebowski played by Jeff Bridges walks in the supermarket to the back were the drinks are in a dirty bath robe and sunglasses which makes which gives the audience the feeling that this character is out of place and doesn't belong. After he finds what he is looking for which is a certon of milk he goes to the till to pay for it but instead of paying cash even though the carton of milk is only $0.69 he still pays for it by check which gives the audience the idea that the man has money because he can leave the check with them and it can bounce if their's no money in the account and the supermarket won't be able to do anything about it. In the next part of the opening scene the big Lebowski goes home and the moment he gets through the door their are two big men waiting for him but he doesn't know this so the moment he walks through the door he is pusehd into the bathroom and his head is pushed into the toilet and the big man is constantly yelling at him asking him were is the money he owes to their boss, the big man constantly calls him Lebowski asking where the money is and when they let his head out of the toilet he says no one calls me Lebowski anymore i'm the dude but the two big muscular guys are too stupid to understand wha he said so they leae and the end of the opening opening sequence.

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