Saturday, 29 October 2011


Collateral,2004,Directed by Michael Mann

In the opening sequence of Collateral which is 45 seconds long which we see Tom Cruise character Vincent walking through a crowded airport.
We know that Tom Cruise's character vincent is the main character for many reasons firstly, they show Vincent first which instantly makes you think he is important and key to the film .Secondly ,also how he is the only person in the airport walking around wearing sunglass which gives the audience an impression that Vincent is a very mysterious character because he is trying to use the sunglasses to distance himself from everyone else.Thirdly, another reason why Tom Cruise's character would be portrayed as the main character because as he walks through the airport he is the only person that is in deep focus also when they show him he is walking in slow motion so that he can stand out.

Another main character in the Film is Jamie Foxx who's characters name is Max is a cab driver which is revealed to the audience in the next scene directly after Vincents airport scene. In Jamie's scene it shows the cab station were people are making lots of noise and shouting which is the diegetic sound in the opening sequence, but when Max(jamie Foxx) gets into his cab all of the noise stops which shows that Max is an alone character and doesn't really like to get involved with people, also when he gets into his cab he cleans which shows that he likes things his way and doesn't like mess and lastly, he also has a picture of a Island in his cab which he glances at which shows us that he has a goal that he is trying to achive because he doesn't like his job because he doesn't interact with any of his colleagues  which portrays him asa shy shallow person who's working because they desperately want to change their life style.

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