Monday, 17 October 2011

Films(Night at the museum(2006)

Night at the Museum Poster
Yesterday night at the museum came on channel 4. The film is a comedy starring Ben stiller which is about a man who becomes a night guard at a museum and is completely unaware that all of the artifacts come alive at night, so on his first night of the job he runs into the skeleton of a T-Rex which gives him a bit a scare, overall I enjoyed to film because I like comedies and think fo them as a relaxing film because they are hilarious and have no plot but actually make's you think what is going to happen next, what will Ben Stillers character do. I also thought the film had a of Media studies parts in it about the things that we were learning before for example the Mise-en-scene of the museum and how a long shot is taken of the inside of the museum so that every key thing can fit into the frame especially after the T-Rex comes alive it makes you think what else is going to come alive and as the story goes on you find out that everything actually comes to life even little action figuires about 5 inches tall that start to talk and fight, and then start to insult Ben Stillers character because the see him as an abomination because his actually a normal sized human being but to them he is a giant hence the name they give him "Gigantour".

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